Powered roller conveyor

Powered roller conveyor

Roller conveyor is suitable for the transportation of all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets and other pieces of goods, bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be placed on the tray or in the turnover box.It can transport a single piece of material with a large weight, or bear a large impact load. It is easily to connect and filter between drum lines.

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Frame material

carbon steel

Power Mode

Reduction Motor drive

Drum diameter


Drum length


Drum thickness


Roller loading

not more than 3 Tons

Pallet size

1500×1800mm Maximal

Pallet size

1100×1100mm Minimum

Roller material

carbon steel

Conveyor Length


Power Supply

AC380V 、50Hz

1 Equipment has high loading capacity , maximal to 3 tons.

2 Transmission speed is stable at about 0.1 m/s.

3 All start and stop of deceleration motor are controlled by sensor to ensure that the deviation of delivery to predetermined position is not more than 0.05 m.

4 Multiple decelerating motor sections provide power for the drum, which can realize the material queue stacking transportation (first in, first out).

5 Can withstand the impact load of the pallet not more than 0.1 m/s.

5.To make it more labor-saving, you can install electric hoist at the top the of the rack.
6.The drawer can be entirely pulled out to facilitate the lifting and loading of bulky moulds.

6 Products can be customized according to customer requirements (conveyor length, width, height, loading capacity, etc).

7 The material and surface treatment of the drum can be determined according to the different transportation environment of the customer (carbon steel, carbon steel galvanized, stainless steel, blackening or wrapping glue).

7.The lenght of the rack can be adjusted by actual needs (increasing spans).

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