Plastic Pallet Box

Plastic Pallet Box

Pallet box in 800×1200 with high impact 10mm bubble-structured sleeve walls. Walls made of 3000gr/m2 PP, up to 5000gr available). All rims are sealed for easy cleaning. Pallet and lid are made of twin sheet HDPE for the highest quality. Optional locking system available: 2×4 locks on the pallet (4) and the lid (4). Pallet box with a high durability and a very competitive price!

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Outer Size
Inner Size
Folded Height
Dynamic Loading(kg)
3500g 4200g
CS8 1200*800 1140*740*(H-200) 1162*762*(H-120) 27.5 250 350
CS10 1200*1000 1135*957*(H-200) 1157*762*(H-120) 31.0 250 350
CT8 1140*790 1075*725*(H-200) 1097*747*(H-120) 29.0 250 350
CT10 1140*980 1075*915*(H-200) 1097*937*(H-120) 34.0 250 350
CT12 1220*1140 1160*1080*(H-200) 1182*1102*(H-120) 38.4 250 350
CT13 1300*1140 1235*1075*(H-200) 1257*1097*(H-120) 38.4 250 350
CT15 1470*1140 1405*1075*(H-200) 1427*1097*(H-120) 44.5 250 350
CT16 1600*1140 1545*1085*(H-200) 1567*1107*(H-120) 45.0 250 350
标准高度/The standard height:760/780/900/940/1000/1120/1150/1180mm

1 Top cover and bottom support are double hollow structure, HDPE material, light weight, strong bearing capacity.
2 The whole roof is waterproof and dustproof, which can be quickly unfolded when used and folded when recycled to reduce the volume.
3 The design of the top-height folding ratio maximizes the efficiency of return transportation.

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