Cantilever rack

Cantilever rack

The cantilever rack is composed of arms, brace sets, bracing, uprights base and so on. The specification of uprights is  200*80 or 300*100, of base is 200*40 or 300*50. The arms are bending plate. The upright and base are fixed by high strength bolts. The arms and upright are fixed by flat type safety pins.

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Overall Overall Arm Length Layers Capacity SurfaceTreatment
L ( mm ) H(mm) B(mm) n T(kg) Powder Coating
2720 2000 600 4 2000 Blue/Orange
Customized as required

1 Especially suitable for storage of long tubular materials.

2 Suitable for long wood, sheet materials’ storage.

3 Suitable for long wood, sheet materials’ storage.

4 The product is completely assembled by bolts, very convenient.

5 The middle of the arms can be separated to distingush different kinds of material.

5.To make it more labor-saving, you can install electric hoist at the top the of the rack.
6.The drawer can be entirely pulled out to facilitate the lifting and loading of bulky moulds.

6 The arms are adjustable for different materials’ heights.

7 The lenght of the rack can be adjusted for different materials. (increase the number of spans or adjust span).

7.The lenght of the rack can be adjusted by actual needs (increasing spans).

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