Equipment Forklift Pusher

Equipment Forklift Pusher

The Pusher loads the cargo only and leaves the pallet in the company, eliminating manual loading. Its constructive type is comprised of six forks, pusher and integrated sideshifter, which facilitates introducing the forks in the pallets’ gaps. Operation: As the forklift goes backwards, the pantograph opens, so the load is positioned on its new location while the forks are coming out.

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1 Our product is applied to cargo loading and stacking for fertilizer,cement,fodder etc.

2 Our product needs to cooperate with steel pallet which has fixed forklift holes, or with the plastic pallet whose fork hole’s size is slightly bigger than the fork. In this way, it can make the cargo carried with pallet switch to cargo without pallet.

3 No Manual operation, the machine can push the cargo and take away the pallet,which makes it save the cost of manual handling and pallets.

4 2-way 360 degree free rotation. any angle latching will assure the security.

5 rational construction, wide perspective.

5.To make it more labor-saving, you can install electric hoist at the top the of the rack.
6.The drawer can be entirely pulled out to facilitate the lifting and loading of bulky moulds.

6 It is equipped with safety value(pressure relief value) to prevent the damage to the goods from the pipe burst.

7 Specifications can be customized to your requirements.

7.The lenght of the rack can be adjusted by actual needs (increasing spans).

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