Nowadays, the warehouse has been everywhere, and the warehouse staff’s working time in the warehouse is also increasing, so reasonable shelf placement can improve efficiency.  This article takes you to understand the shelf placement of auto parts warehouse, hoping to help you.  According to statistics, the pure walking time of traditional warehouse staff in the warehouse accounts for more than 60% of the total operating time.  In view of the above situation, reasonable storage shelf layout design can obviously improve the operation efficiency.  So, how to design storage shelf placement?  What are the design principles for storage shelf placement?  

1 Shelf guide  


The shelves are customized according to the size of the site and the specifications of the SKU box, covering the pillar and the drain pipe.  The principle of ensuring no exposed columns in the aisle.  


The shelves are arranged in vertical order according to brands. The shelves of new products are listed in front of the storage shelves, followed by the best-selling shelves, followed by the plain shelves, and the furthest is the unsalable shelves.  Ensure the shortest distance to stack high turnover products principle.  The products with the highest turnover are directly transported into and out of the warehouse and delivered to the Courier from the finished product warehouse of the supplier.  


2 Speed is Paramount  


Most of the auto parts warehouse warehouse is retail, speed and accuracy of strict demand, our one thousand error, for customers is one hundred percent error.  It is unrealistic to achieve the strict requirements of speed and accuracy only by the control of process nodes and the ideological education of people.  


So the basic input of logistics equipment is an important detail of warehouse shelf planning.  Even if you do not invest temporarily, you should plan for the long term when planning your warehouse.  Because the layout of the warehouse determines the optimal capacity and optimal speed.  Such as: mobile SKU box, fire protection facilities, monitoring equipment, collector network, tray machinery and so on.  


3. Planning the details of the documentary mode  


Detail planning of operation equipment in auto parts warehouse.  Warehousing logistics facing the market is an invisible war.  We’re at war with inventory, we’re at war with delivery errors and delivery delays.  


4 Storage shelf layout design points  


The categories and containers of loading materials on the shelves of auto parts warehouse.  Shelf size requirements and bearing materials or containers are related.  


Shelf handling equipment.  Can there ever be stacking equipment of shelves at present? Assuming there is, it is necessary to consider the reversal radius and width of equipment and other factors.  The ground bearing level of the warehouse itself, which needs to be obtained from the contractor.  Especially heavy duty shelves should pay special attention to.  


Storage materials in and out of the way and storage time.  There can be all kinds of materials with different storage time in the auto parts warehouse, which needs to think about the way of entering and leaving the warehouse or storage method, so as to find the truly suitable storage shelf placement way that can reach a higher space application rate.  


5 Storage shelf placement skills  


In the shelf placement of auto parts warehouse, some people often pay attention to the maximum number of storage shelves, thinking that the more storage shelves are placed, the higher the utilization rate of the warehouse, but the feasibility and convenience of practical operation will often be ignored.  For example, the side of the wall can only put a single row of shelves is the practical feasibility of the operation. If the side of the wall can put a double row, then the shelves in the row can not be put into the products, and it will be very difficult to take out.  And do not rely on the wall to put single-row shelves will cause too big waste of space.  


The placement of products is closely related to the overall beauty. In the shelves of auto parts warehouse, the placing requirements of products lie in the particularity of goods, mainly manifested in whether they can be stacked, suspended, vertical, horizontal, bulk, etc.  The design of storage shelves should ensure proper area and space for the storage of goods, so that goods can be effectively arranged horizontally to display the difference of their varieties.  


Order by shelf inventory turnover rate.  Frequently accessed goods should be placed on the storage shelves nearest to the entrance and exit.  Of course, inventory turnover will change with the life cycle of the product, season and other factors.  


The labeling of goods should face the channel, not only the outer layer should face the channel, but also all the labeling of goods should face the channel and face the same direction, so that the staff can always work smoothly, without interrupting work to confirm the labeling, convenient work and improve work efficiency.  


In fact, whether it is for customers of auto parts or other industries, the planning of warehouse shelves is not a small investment, so it is suggested that in the early planning, we must consider the complete, so as to avoid some unnecessary problems in the process of use.  

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