Automotive Stillages for Automotive Door Assembly module transportation, they are ideal cost effective and ideal for Automotive Door handling equipment.

We are the reliable supplier of Automotive Pallets and other metal pallets in the industry. Since we started operating in 2003, we are fully capable of designing solutions to suit the nature of your business. We can provide individual samples. Our main goal is to give our customers the confidence to sign contracts with Oems.

Automotive Stillages

Automotive Stillage Racks Do you understand?

1.For any car manufacturer, storage and logistics are very important throughout the production process of auto parts.

2.The plates, bumpers and body parts are all made of thin, light metal that will not fit if slightly distorted.

3.These parts also need to be painted and all parts should not be damaged during transportation.

4.So a good Automotive Stillage Racks is crucial. We can design Sheet Steel Automotive Stillages of different sizes.

5.Do you need them to transport door parts, bumpers or even the whole body? We will quickly provide various solutions to your needs.

6.We also provide professional powder spraying services for all of our Automotive Stillages.

7.Which will give them a strong presence in the production environment.

Automotive Stillage Racks