Multi-Toothed Forklift Pallet

Multi-Toothed Forklift Pallet

Tray benxi steel structure materials are dominated by cold rolled steel sheet forming technology, after a group of welding, forming arch area, upper and lower two layers into fork tray points channel, the upper channel can separate the goods lift, achieve the purpose of the goods and pallet separation, the lower channel pallets and the goods can be folded at the same time, the purpose of goods transport, storage, etc, forklift channel without horizontal position difference, in contrast with two kinds of usage scenarios without pusher tray of the lower channel, easier to use.

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1 This product is widely used in grain, feed industry, chemical industry often shipped warehouse of finished products.

2 The layer-type forklift channel makes the separation of goods and pallets easier.

3 The overall height is higher than ordinary pallets, isolating the contact between the goods and the ground.

4 The main material is formed by cold bending, and is provided with a long waist hole for ventilation and weight reduction.

5 Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

5.To make it more labor-saving, you can install electric hoist at the top the of the rack.
6.The drawer can be entirely pulled out to facilitate the lifting and loading of bulky moulds.

6 The maximum dynamic load of the pallet is 2000kg, and the maximum static load is 6000kg. The maximum stacking layer suitable for full load is 3 layers.

7 The material used is high quality cold rolled steel plate with bright surface and excellent performance.

7.The lenght of the rack can be adjusted by actual needs (increasing spans).
6.The drawer can be entirely pulled out to facilitate the lifting and loading of bulky moulds.

8 The surface treatment can be galvanized or electrostatic spraying according to customer needs.

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