Galvanize steel Pallet

Galvanize Steel Pallet

This pallet is composed of plate and shrapnel, and the outrigger is formed by bending plate. The bending end socket is fixed with shrapnel under the pallet. The plate is corrugated structure, which not only prevents sliding but also increases the panel strength. This pallet has a good capacity of bearing, which up to more than 50 times of its own weight.

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Dimensions (mm) Weight Structure 2-way/4-way Surface Treatment Capacity (t)
A B H KG Dynamic Static
800 1200 150 21.53 Single-Side 2-way Hot Galvanizing 1 1
1000 1200 150 23.64 Single-Side 2-way Hot Galvanizing 1 1
1100 1100 150 22.63 Single-Side 2-way Hot Galvanizing 1 1
Customized as required

1 This product can be used with selective rack and drive-in rack, and can be used with forklift;.

2 The materials used in this product are hot-dip galvanized steel with excellent corrosion resistance;

3 This product is cold-formed and seamless. Corrugated surface improve the anti-skid effect of the pallet;

4 This product can be used for double-sided stacking;

5 This product is four-way for forklift;

5.To make it more labor-saving, you can install electric hoist at the top the of the rack.
6.The drawer can be entirely pulled out to facilitate the lifting and loading of bulky moulds.

6 Middle support can be added to the pallet according to loading condition to improve the overall capacity;

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